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A bottle of CBD 30% Full Spectrum oil on a white background available online in France.

CBD Oil 30% Full Spectrum

A bottle of CBD Oil 20% Full Spectrum on a white background, available to buy online in France.

CBD Oil 20% Full Spectrum

A bottle of CBD oil on a white background.

CBD Oil 5% for Pets

A bottle of CBD oil on a white background.

10% CBD oil for pets

A bottle of CBD Oil 15% Full Spectrum purchased in France on a white background.

CBD Oil 15% Full Spectrum

A bottle of CBD Oil 25% Full Spectrum on a white background in France.

CBD Oil 25% Full Sprectrum

A bottle of 10% Full Spectrum CBD oil on a white background available for purchase in France.

CBD Oil 10% Full Spectrum


Full Spectrum CBD oils

The use of CBD oils is growing in popularity in France, and rightly so. These products, derived from CBD flowersrich in cannabidiol (CBD), offer a multitude of benefits for physical and mental well-being. In this comprehensive guide to full spectrum CBD oils, we’ll explore in depth everything you need to know about these products, from their use to the different concentrations available, extraction methods and therapeutic indications. Whether you’re new to CBD or experienced, this guide will enlighten you on the full range of CBD oils, including full spectrum CBD oils. You can also discover our range of
CBG oil
to discover all its benefits.

How to use CBD oil

The importance of using CBD oil correctly lies in optimizing its benefits. Proper use ensures maximum absorption of CBD into your body, which can promote effective relief from stress, pain, anxiety and other health issues. By following the dosing instructions supplied with the product and choosing the application method best suited to your needs, you can take full advantage of the beneficial properties of full spectrum CBD oil. Oil quality is just as crucial, so always opt for premium quality products for optimum results.

CBD oil

CBD oil is a valuable natural solution extracted from the cannabis plant. Mainly derived from hemp, it is rich in cannabidiol (CBD) and virtually devoid of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the compound responsible for the psychotropic effects of cannabis. This unique composition makes it legal in France and many other jurisdictions. You can find an inserm article on this subject here
right here

Full spectrum CBD oil is valued for its potential health benefits. Users seek its soothing properties against stress and anxiety, its potential to relieve chronic pain, and its support for restful sleep. Thanks to its natural origin, it is often preferred by those who prefer more holistic, less pharmaceutical-based approaches to wellness.

Choosing a quality full spectrum CBD oil is essential to guarantee a positive experience. The selection of premium products guarantees a high concentration and maximum purity of CBD, increasing the chances of achieving the desired results. CBD oil offers significant potential to improve quality of life, providing a natural, holistic alternative for a variety of wellness needs.

Therapeutic indications for CBD oil

CBD oil is widely recognized for its many therapeutic indications, making it a valuable ally in the world of wellness. Many people have found CBD to be a natural option for alleviating a variety of health problems.

Anxiety and stress are among the most common ailments of our time. CBD offers a glimmer of hope for those seeking to calm their minds and regain serenity. What’s more, it can promote better quality sleep, helping to improve quality of life.

Chronic pain, whether due to inflammation or neurological problems, can be particularly incapacitating. CBD is considered a natural analgesic, offering potential relief for those suffering from persistent pain.

Finally, full spectrum CBD oil has shown promising results in the treatment of certain conditions, such as drug-resistant epilepsy. This discovery opens up new prospects for the use of CBD in the medical field.

However, it’s important to note that the effects of CBD can vary from person to person, and it’s essential to consult a healthcare professional before starting CBD treatment, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions or are taking medication. CBD oil, as a natural product, offers significant potential for improving quality of life, but wise use is always recommended. You should also know that Swiss Botanic offers a range of
CBD oil for pets
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to order these special products for the well-being of your pets.

Taking full advantage of the benefits of CBD oil

To reap the full benefits of CBD oil, it’s important to understand the different consumption methods available.

Oral CBD oil

Oral administration of CBD oil is one of the most common methods. Simply place a few drops of oil under the tongue using the pipette supplied with the bottle. This method allows CBD to be rapidly absorbed by the oral mucosa, offering a faster effect than other methods.

CBD oil applied topically

Full spectrum CBD oil can also be applied to the skin. You can gently massage the oil into the affected areas, allowing local absorption of the CBD. This method is often used to alleviate muscle and joint pain.

Hemp oil with CBD in cooking

Some people incorporate CBD oil into their cooking by adding it to their favorite recipes. This makes it possible to create tasty dishes while enjoying the benefits of CBD. However, it’s important to note that cooking at high temperatures can degrade CBD, so it’s best to add it to dishes cooked at low temperatures or after cooking.

Choosing the right CBD oil

The choice of CBD oil depends on several factors, including your individual needs and CBD tolerance. CBD oils are available in a range of concentrations, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

For body and mind: 20% CBD oil

The 20% CBD oils are considered versatile options. They offer a medium concentration of CBD, ideal for supporting the general well-being of body and mind. This concentration is often chosen by users seeking to relieve stress, promote relaxation and alleviate mild to moderate pain.

For fast results: 30% CBD oil

30% CBD oils are considered premium products offering a high concentration of CBD. They are generally chosen by those seeking the fast, powerful action of CBD. This concentration can be particularly beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain, severe anxiety or sleep disorders.

How do I dose CBD oil?

CBD oil dosage depends on a variety of factors, including your weight, CBD tolerance and oil concentration. It is generally recommended to start with a low dose and gradually increase until you achieve the desired results. It’s also advisable to consult a healthcare professional before starting any CBD use, especially if you’re taking other medications.

Full spectrum CBD oil is a variant worth mentioning. Unlike standard CBD oil, full spectrum contains a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids naturally present in the cannabis plant. This comprehensive range of compounds can potentiate the effects of CBD, making it a preferred choice for many users.

Ultimately, your choice of CBD oil will depend on your personal preferences and needs. Whatever concentration or type of CBD oil you choose, it’s important to consult the dosage information provided with the product and start slowly to assess your individual reaction. CBD oil offers considerable potential for enhancing your well-being, whether for pain relief, stress management or maintaining optimal health.

Concerning the concrete dosage, here are some indications that could help you. First of all, you need to evaluate the quantity of CBD present in the oil:

Low concentration :

CBD Oil 3%: 1.5 mg CBD per drop

CBD Oil 5%: 2.5 mg CBD per drop

Average concentration :

CBD Oil 13%: 6.5 mg CBD per drop

CBD Oil 20%: 10 mg CBD per drop

High concentration :

CBD Oil 32%: 16 mg CBD per drop

CBD Oil 47%: 23.5 mg CBD per drop

Then, depending on your weight, you can determine the right average quantity. The example below aims to reduce pain:

Dosage table for Swiss Botanic CBD oil use

Daily dosage for low CBD needs

Swiss Botanic CBD oil dosage table for light use

This table gives us an indication of the number of drops of CBD oil to consume according to its weight and the percentage of CBD in your bottle. It is suitable for a light need or a first consumption of CBD.

Daily dosage for average CBD needs

Dosage table for average use of Swiss Botanic CBD oil

This table indicates the number of drops of CBD oil to take per day according to your weight and the percentage of CBD in your bottle. Suitable for average CBD needs

Daily dosage for high CBD needs

Swiss Botanic CBD oil dosage table for strong use

This table gives us the indicative number of drops of CBD oil to take per day, for a person with high CBD needs. The calculation is based on the weight and percentage of CBD in the bottle.