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10% CBD oil for pets

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CBD Dog Oil from Swiss Botanic

Dogs, our four-legged friends, occupy a special place in our lives. Their well-being is a priority for their loving owners. That’s where CBD oil for dogs comes in, a product that is attracting growing interest among dog owners concerned about the health of their faithful companions. Swiss Botanic therefore offers you a whole range of CBD oil for animals.

CBD dog oil formulated by Swiss Botanic

At Swiss Botanic, we’re committed to offering top-quality products, and our CBD oil for dogs is no exception. Our formula is specially designed to meet the physiological needs of dogs. It comes from hemp, a variety of cannabis that contains minute levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive substance in cannabis. The CBD in our oil is totally non-psychoactive, guaranteeing that it won’t affect your dog’s behavior. You can also discover our version for small sizes via our
CBD oil for cats

Buy CBD for Dogs for their well-being

The use of CBD in dogs is becoming increasingly common due to its potential benefits for their health and well-being. Owners often choose to administer CBD oil to their dogs for the following reasons:

Chronic pain relief: CBD can help alleviate joint and muscle pain associated with age or other conditions.

Anxiety reduction: Dogs can be prone to anxiety due to separation, storms or other factors. CBD can help ease their anxiety.

Immune system support: CBD can boost your dog’s immune system, making him more resistant to disease.

Improved sleep: CBD can promote better quality sleep, essential for your dog’s recovery and overall health.

Stress reduction: Dogs can experience stress in a variety of situations, such as visits to the vet or travel. CBD can help them relax.

Dosage table for Swiss Botanic CBD oil for dogs

CBD oil for dogs, a natural remedy

Our CBD oil for dogs is much more than just a natural remedy; it’s a complete solution to promote the well-being of your faithful companion. Our commitment to a responsible culture is at the heart of our product. We believe in a holistic approach to animal health that starts at the source.

This approach goes beyond the absence of chemicals. It promotes biodiversity and the natural balance of ecosystems, thus helping to preserve the environment. In our hemp fields, we use sustainable practices to produce the highest quality CBD. This means your dog benefits from a product free of chemical residues, while respecting our planet.

Swiss Botanic 10% CBD oil: 4 possible uses

At Swiss Botanic, we offer a 10% CBD oil specially formulated for dogs. It is distinguished by its high CBD concentration, offering optimal health benefits for your dog. This versatile oil can be administered in a variety of ways:

Oral administration: You can administer the oil directly into your dog’s mouth using the included dropper pipette. This is a precise method for dosing CBD.

Mix with food: If your dog is reluctant to take the oil directly, mix it with his favorite food. Shake bottle well before use.

Application to treats: You can also apply CBD oil to your dog’s treats, which can make them even more appetizing.

Incorporation into water: Some CBD oils, like Swiss Botanic’s, can be diluted in water for easy administration.

The components of CBD oil for dogs: natural and appetizing

Our CBD oil for dogs is made up of two main components: CBD extracted from hemp and an oil carrier, such as coconut oil or hemp oil. These oils are carefully selected for their ability to blend CBD effectively, making it easier to administer. At Swiss Botanic, we understand that your dog’s acceptance is essential. That’s why our products are also available with a delicious beef flavor. So your four-legged friend can enjoy his daily dose of CBD while reaping the health benefits. It’s a natural and appetizing way to promote general well-being.

Characteristics of CBD 5% and 10% oil

At Swiss Botanic, we offer two concentrations of CBD oil for dogs: 5% and 10%. The choice between the two depends on your dog’s specific needs. Higher concentrations are recommended for dogs suffering from chronic pain or other serious conditions. However, it’s always best to consult a veterinarian to determine the optimal dose for your dog’s weight and condition.

Do I need to consult a vet first?

Although CBD oil for dogs is available without a prescription, it’s essential to consult a veterinarian before starting any CBD treatment for your pet. A veterinarian will be able to provide personalized advice based on your dog’s condition, and ensure that CBD does not interfere with other ongoing medications or treatments.

What are the possible side effects of CBD oil for dogs?

CBD oil is generally well tolerated by dogs and has few side effects. However, some dogs may experience slight drowsiness or dry mouth. It’s essential to monitor your dog carefully when starting CBD treatment and adjust the dose if necessary to minimize these effects.

In conclusion, CBD oil for dogs can offer many benefits for the health and well-being of your four-legged friends. It’s natural, non-psychoactive and environmentally friendly, making it a preferred option for owners concerned about their dogs’ health. Before administering CBD oil to your dog, always consult a veterinarian for personalized advice and a positive experience for your dog.