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A bag of CBD Outdoor Trim Mix 250g on white background in cbd france.

CBD Flowers Outdoor Trim Mix 250g – <0.3% THC

A 100g bag CBD Trim Premium Indoor CBD flowers on a white background, available for purchase in France.

CBD Indoor Trim Premium 100g – <0.3% THC


Our CBD Trim

CBD trim, the heart of our range at Swiss Botanic, is a meticulous blend of leaves, powders and small bud resulting from the harvesting and manicuring of our
CBD flowers
. This versatile product embodies our commitment to sustainability, leveraging every part of the cannabis plant to create an affordable, benefit-rich CBD experience that creates zero waste. CBD trim is an invitation to discover the diversity of aromas, flavors and therapeutic properties of hemp, while enjoying a variety of consumption options at a low price. Discover how our CBD trim fits harmoniously into your quest for well-being.

The qualities of CBD trim

CBD trim is much more than just a mixture of leaves and crop residues. At Swiss Botanic, every gram of our trim is the fruit of our commitment to quality. Carefully composed of leaves, powders and sometimes small flowers from our indoor greenhouse and outdoor harvests, CBD trim embodies the virtues of hemp at an affordable price.

Well-being with cheap CBD trim from Swiss Botanic

Our inexpensive trim is an invitation to well-being accessible to all. The meticulous composition of our
trim premium
100g at 40€ combines the richness of our harvest residues with
cbd indoor
at an affordable price. We believe in the accessibility of CBD without compromising quality, offering an affordable way to enjoy the benefits of cannabidiol.

The benefits of cannabis CBD Trim

Don’t underestimate the power of CBD trim. Although made up of residues, it still contains significant levels of cannabidiol. The properties of CBD are there, ready to be infused into your daily routine. Explore the countless ways you can consume CBD trim, from infusions to blends, and discover how wellness can be easily integrated into your life.

The various uses of CBD Trim

CBD trim offers fascinating versatility to meet your wellness needs. Among the options, CBD trim infusions evoke a blend of soothing tastes and therapeutic benefits in every sip. At the same time, our premium trim and trim mix allow you to personalize your experience. The former focuses on pure intensity, while the latter skilfully blends harvests of
CBD indoor
CBD outdoor
CBD greenhouse
for a variety of aromas and terpenes. This diversity ensures that every consumer can find the method that suits them, fusing the benefits of CBD with a rich palette of flavors and effects.

Trim CBD infusions: taste and benefits combined

Infusing CBD trim in hot or cold drinks is a tasty way to consume this precious cannabinoid. The subtle flavours of trim add a pleasant touch to every sip, while the natural benefits of CBD gently diffuse into your system. Our customers also vary between using Trim and our range of
mini bud
Nano Nuggs, for a more relaxing effect and better value for money.

CBD Trim blend: customize your experience

Our premium trim and trim mix offer a variety of options. The 100g premium trim at €40 is a pure, concentrated choice, ideal for those who appreciate a more intense CBD experience. On the other hand, the €80 250g trim mix offers a combination of indoor CBD, outdoor CBD and greenhouse CBD harvests, bringing a diversity of terpenes and flavours to every inhalation with one of the best prices you’ll find on CBD product derivatives.

The effects of cannabis CBD trim

Using CBD trim offers a variety of beneficial effects to enhance your well-being. Even as a residue blend, CBD trim retains the relaxing properties of cannabidiol. Each inhalation provides a soothing sensation that helps reduce stress and promote balance. The experience is deeply personal, as our range includes premium trim and trim mix, offering a more intense effect or a diversity of flavors. Whichever varieties you choose, you can count on the natural benefits of CBD to guide you towards relaxation and serenity.

Natural relaxation

Even as a residue, CBD trim retains its relaxing properties. The soothing effects of cannabidiol are felt with every inhalation, helping you to relax and find balance in a hectic world. When you choose our premium trim or trim mix, you’re choosing a path to natural relaxation. Our customers’ opinions testify to the effectiveness of our products in improving their daily well-being. Whether it’s to escape the daily hustle and bustle or to promote peaceful sleep, CBD trim offers a relaxing experience that soothes mind and body. Immerse yourself in deep tranquility with our CBD trim range, designed to bring a sense of serenity wherever you are.

Personalized experience

With our premium trim and trim mix options, you can customize your CBD experience to suit your preferences. Whether you’re looking for a more powerful effect or a variety of aromas, our trimmers offer you a range of choices to suit your needs.

The special features of CBD Trim

Swiss Botanic’s CBD trim is distinguished by its dual nature: premium quality and accessibility. Our commitment to sustainability guides the creation of every gram of trim, which carefully blends the residues of our indoor and outdoor harvests. This unique combination offers a variety of aromas and therapeutic properties. With trim premium and trim mix, we offer consumers a choice between purity and diversity. Whatever your preference, our trims maintain controlled THC levels for a safe, legal experience. Discover how our CBD trim combines quality, choice and well-being.

An affordable premium product

Our commitment to quality is reflected in every gram of CBD trim we offer. The choice between premium trim and trim mix gives you access to a premium product at an affordable price, widening your access to natural well-being with a THC content of <0.3%.

Controlled THC levels

As with all our flower varieties, our trims comply with strict THC content standards, ensuring that every inhalation remains legal and safe. You can enjoy the benefits of CBD with confidence, knowing that our products comply with current regulations.

The best CBD Trim flowers

Discover the superior range of CBD trim at Swiss Botanic. Our premium trim and trim mix options offer affordable access to the power of cannabidiol. Explore the various ways to consume and enjoy the benefits of CBD, while tasting the aromatic nuances and relaxing effects of our cannabis trims. Enjoy the balance of quality, efficacy and affordability with our CBD trim products.