Loyalty program

Le Botanic Club

Join our loyalty program and get discounts on all our products!


Don’t forget that you can use only part of your points if you wish.


Do you have any questions about the swissbotanic loyalty program? Contact us at [email protected]

The Botanic Club loyalty program allows you to earn points on your purchases of products on our site. It’s so simple! You earn points based on the amount of your order, and depending on the points you earn, you’ll get a discount on your next order.

All you have to do is register, and the points will automatically accumulate for your next orders.
The Botanic Club loyalty program rewards all your purchases:
1 € = 1 point and 100 points = 5€ , 200 points = 10 € …
Once you’ve accumulated your points, you can use them whenever you like, in full or in part. What’s more, they’re valid for life!

Make a purchase

1 point for every €.


On your birthday you earn 200 points” with a simple birthday cake as a small picture.


Sponsor a friend and earn 100 points

It couldn’t be easier!
  • If you already have a customer account, you can choose to join the loyalty program when you place your 1st order on the site.
  • From your customer account in the “My Personal Space” section, you can register for the loyalty program.

Your points balance is updated each time you make a purchase on the site.
You can check your instant balance directly via your account.

Good news: your points are valid for life!

When you’re ready to order, simply click on “Allocate points” before confirming your order. Don’t forget, if you wish, you can use only part of your points. /wp-content/uploads/2021/12/note-e1640247256814. Jpg
We have put a few rules in place so that all our members can use their points freely:
  • Club membership is reserved for people aged 18 and over who have confirmed their age by providing accurate and complete information.
  • In the event of violation and dishonest boosting of loyalty points, we reserve the right to reduce the user’s points to 0, even if one or most of the points have been earned honestly.
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