About us

About us

The founders of Swiss Botanic are a group of long-time friends and enthusiasts who share the same attraction to CBD flowers, whether for their effects, their unique scent, or their benefits for both physical and mental health. Together, we also share the same vision of the changes to come in our approach to CBD and its consumption, and the boldness to combine this passion with our expertise to become the leading supplier in Switzerland.

Our mission is also to share our knowledge of CBD and its effects. Our experience and the consumption of our products ensure that they have a positive impact on our physical and mental well-being. So it’s crucial for us to make these natural benefits known to everyone, whatever their lifestyle.

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Our history and philosophy

It all started with a group of friends who shared a passion for hemp flowers. But also a well-developed entrepreneurial spirit and a shared desire to promote the benefits of this plant, which is all too often reduced to its soaring effects. Together, we sowed the seeds of what is today a flourishing business, and the foundations of a team aware of the challenges we still face in marketing CBD in Switzerland and Europe, and in changing people’s attitudes.
At Swiss Botanic, we focus above all on the quality and ethics of our products. We work every day with an awareness of our social responsibilities, and a commitment to the sustainability of local hemp production. We are particularly proud to grow our own flowers and produce our own derivatives, thanks to a talented and dedicated team. Of course, this also means an unwavering commitment to quality, a commitment which helped us to take 3rd place in the Cannacup. As well as a desire to make our products as accessible as possible by offering fair prices.

Our commitments

Because our customers’ satisfaction is our priority, we do our utmost to offer them top-quality 100% Swiss CBD, a discreet and secure shopping experience, fast shipping services and responsive, attentive support. By purchasing your CBD-derived products on our site, you will benefit from :
  • Exceptional prices, from €1 per gram;
  • Exceptional quality: our CBD cannabis flowers have been recognized as some of the best available on the Swiss market. We also monitor all stages of its cultivation, right through to the production of the by-products (oils, creams, etc.) present on the site;
  • Secure, discreet payment (the nature of your purchase will not appear on your bank statement) by CB Visa and MasterCard ;
  • Fast shipping of your order: all orders placed on the site are shipped within 2 to 3 days (working days), in a discreet parcel;

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