CBD Flowers Outdoor Trim Mix 250g – <0.3% THC

CBD Flowers Outdoor Trim Mix 250g – <0.3% THC


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Trim Mix by Swiss Botanic

Pleasure at an unbeatable price!

  • Country of Origin: Switzerland
  • Weight: 250 g
  • Ingredients: 100% natural cannabis flowers <0.3% THC


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Enjoy quality CBD Flowers at a lower cost with our Trim Mix from Swiss Botanic !

This exceptional trim is a blend blend of our different varieties ofes cannabis CBD flowers indoor, greenhouse and outdoor.

This delicious blend will bring you all the satisfaction ofa CBD flower, as well as ease of use!

The residue from cutting CBD cannabis flowers <0.3% THC and bud powder are recovered during packaging, forming a small layer under the calibration grid which is carefully collected. to give you an explosion of incomparable CBD flavours and aromas. The blend resulting from this selection is our quality trim!

Although the Trim from Swiss Botanic comes from a selection of Swiss CBD flower leaves, highly concentrated in pollen and rich in cannabinoids, it still guarantees a good level of high-quality CBD at low cost.

Use Trim-Mix from Swiss Botanic!

One of the advantages of advantages of CBD Trim-Mix is that it can be consumed in a variety of ways, while still having the effects of CBD products and at their full flavour.. It can be vaporized, infused or added to your food in the kitchen. It’s easy to use, with no special constraints.

  • As an infusion:

If you want to enjoy all the flavours of trim and the effects of CBD, you can infuse your flowers with tea, but also with a fatty component such as milk or honey for the great Cannabis gourmands.

  • As a spray:

On the other hand, if you don’t like Trim Infusion, you can always use it as a spray. Taste and enjoy all the effects of cbd flowers with our Trim-Mix.

  • In the kitchen

Trim – Mix can also be used in a wide range of recipes as a seasoning or spice for your favourite dishes, providing real taste benefits.

Our trim – mix CBD are available on our Swiss Botanic shop at the best prices!

Good to know about storing your CBD Flower TRIMs:

Smoking tasty, fresh cannabis is always more enjoyable! Don’t worry, preserving the trims you bought from Swiss Botanic is easy:

  • Store your legal CBD flower trims in a cool (15-21°C), dry place, in a glass canister protected from light and adapted to the quantity of cannabis you’ll be storing to avoid too much air. Factors to consider when storing your legal cannabis are: Temperature, light, humidity and air.
  • Avoid storing in plastic bags, which affect the potency of your CBD flower trims.
  • Avoid freezing and temperature variations, which can affect the freshness and lead to bacterial growth of your Swiss quality hemp flowers.

Each bag of Trim-Mix complies with the current standards for the sale of CBD in Europe, with a THC content of<0.3%.



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