CBD Oil 25% Full Sprectrum

CBD Oil 25% Full Sprectrum


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  • Swiss quality CBD oil

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Swiss Botanic, the Swiss specialist in CBD oils, is coming to France. You can then order your 25% CBD oil in just a few clicks on our site, place your order and receive express delivery.

What is 25% CBD oil?

Cannabis has been cultivated for thousands of years. Indeed, many civilizations have already discovered hemp’s special properties, including the sense of well-being that comes from using it. Cannabis contains around a hundred of these active molecules, or cannabinoids. These include THC and cannabidiol or CBD.

THC produces psychoactive effects. That’s why its quantity is limited to less than 0.3% in supplements like CBD oil. As for CBD, it has no euphoric effect. As a result, CBD oil is recommended in a therapeutic setting to relieve and treat many symptoms. To enjoy a high-quality 25% CBD oil, order now from our website and we’ll deliver it to you wherever you are in France.

What are the benefits of Swiss Botanic’s 25% CBD oil?

Therapeutic cannabis, or CBD, is a well-known supplement in every corner of the globe. For your health and safety, Swiss Botanic makes a point of certifying its 25% CBD oil “Most Wanted Label”. We produce our own indoor and green house CBD. For CBD outdoor, we source from trusted Swiss partners, selected according to our quality charter.

Swiss Botanic‘s 25% Broad Spectrum CBD oil comes in a 10 ml bottle containing 2,500 mg of cannabidiol. Without delay, ask your doctor for advice on your daily CBD dosage. The dose of CBD actually depends on your state of health, your weight, but also and above all, your medical or family history.

According to those who have already tasted CBD oil, therapeutic cannabis has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anxiolytic and antidepressant properties. Cannabidiol is also recommended by doctors to relieve nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients.

When should I use 25% CBD oil?

Full-spectrum CBD oil means that hemp oil contains all the cannabinoids. However, in accordance with current legislation, our 25% CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC. You can therefore use this supplement when your doctor recommends it and there are no contraindications.

As a general rule, therapeutic cannabis oil with 25% CBD concentration is recommended for sleep disorders. It is also recommended for reducing painful sensations such as aches and pains. This makes it an excellent ally for top-level athletes, who consider it their main nutritional supplement for optimizing recovery. All thanks to CBD’s analgesic properties.

How can I benefit from Swiss Botanic’s 25% CBD oil?

To get the most out of your 25% CBD oil without any worries, we recommend that you consult your doctor as soon as possible. With his approval, you can launch your order and receive delivery within 2-3 days.

Until then, here’s a look at some methods and ways to use your full-spectrum CBD oil:

  • Massage oil: mix drops of CBD oil with the vegetable oil of your choice and massage the parts of your body you wish to relax.
  • Sublingual drops: pour a few drops of 25% CBD oil under the tongue to quickly enjoy all its benefits.
  • Seasoning: enhance your sauces and dressings with a few drops of CBD oil, and enjoy a feel-good dish right down to the last bite.
  • Mouthwash: to treat mouth ulcers and gingivitis, make a mouthwash with a little CBD oil after brushing, then rinse your mouth with clear water.</p>

What’s in a bottle of 25% full spectrum CBD oil?

  • 100% organic coconut oil guaranteed
  • 25% CBD oil
  • THC less than 0.3%

What makes Swiss Botanic 25% CBD oil different?

  • Full spectrum CBD oil for humans
  • Handcrafted in Switzerland by Swiss Botanic
  • Packaged in 10 ml bottle with dropper tip
  • No added artificial substances
  • No packaging

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