Vape Pen CBD – Le Chanvrier Suisse

Vape Pen CBD – Le Chanvrier Suisse


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A pocket-sized, ready-to-use CBD vape pen. The e-liquid in this pack features the tangy flavor of Lemon Haze.

This product lets you enjoy approximately 600 puffs, giving you the inimitable flavor of Lemon Haze terpenes, while providing all the benefits of cannabidiol.


  • 600 puffs
  • 400 mAh
  • 200 mg CBD
  • Nicotine Free


Vape Pen CBD – The Swiss hemp producer


“Vape – start again” is what the Le chanvrier Suisse brand does with its Vape Pen CBD.

By making 100% disposable, single-use e-cigarettes, the Swiss manufacturer gives everyone a tool for discovering CBD. Take the Vape Pen CBD e-cigarette, inhale the mouthpiece to activate vaporization of the fructose-flavored e-liquid, and enjoy the CBD effect!

Vape Pen CBD Le Chanvrier Switzerland: the single-use electronic cigarette


To give you a first taste of CBD vape without the headache, Le Chanvrier Suisse has come up with 100% disposable CBD Vape Pen.

Ready to vapourize and requiring no maintenance or adjustment, the Vape Pen CBD is an electronic cigarette that only requires suction to operate!

A perfect little pod for discovering the world of CBD!

Vape Pen CBD Le Chanvrier Suisse: the pocket format


Designed to be discarded after use, the Vape Pen CBD from Le Chanvrier Suisse is simplicity itself, right down to its design.

More compact than a lighter and weighing in at 18g, this CBD vaping kit is easy to carry around. Its soft-touch coating and slim, flat mouthpiece make it even more comfortable to use, delivering fine, realistic puffs in the mouth.


Vape Pen CBD Le Chanvrier Switzerland: 600 puffs on the counter


With no recharging facilities, the Vape Pen CBD e-cigarette has a small 400mAh battery that provides around 600 puffs. Once the battery is dead, you must dispose of it! (please dispose of in the right place)

So instead of aiming for autonomy, just enjoy it!


Vape Pen CBD Le Chanvrier Suisse: the convenience of a pre-filled cartridge


Vape Pen CBD by Le Chanvrier Suisse contains 2ml of e-liquid in a sealed, non-refillable jar.

Delivering around 600 puffs, the Chanvrier Suisse CBD electronic cigarette is a single-use pod that lets you discover CBD vape and determine your needs before buying a more advanced device!

CAUTION: CBD e-liquids may cause drowsiness. Swiss Botanic strongly advises against consuming such products before driving.


Vape Pen CBD Le Chanvrier Switzerland: the effects of CBD in one puff


As well as being practical, intuitive and easy to carry, the Le Chanvrier Suisse Vape Pen CBD kit comes with just the right dose of CBD to enable you to test, enjoy and discover CBD vaping.

Composed of 100% natural terpenes, Broad Spectrum CBD offers a unique experience very faithful to the scent of hemp flower, with relaxing, soothing and even calming effects.


Automatic activation


No buttons, no manipulation. The Vape Pen CBD electronic cigarette is intuitive to use. Its automatic activation system triggers e-liquid vaporization as soon as you inhale through its mouthpiece.


Where to dispose of your Vape Pen CBD Le Chanvrier Suisse after use?


Once the battery is flat or the e-liquid tank empty, simply dispose of it in a battery collector, generally available from waste collection centers and most supermarkets.




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