Peacemaker indoor CBD flowers – <0.3% THC

Peacemaker indoor CBD flowers – <0.3% THC


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  • Dominance: Indica
  • Taste: Very pronounced, fruity, sweet aroma
  • Odor: Intense
  • Appearance: Compact, sticky buds
  • Weight: 12 grams

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Are you tempted to buy 100% indica premium CBD? Discover the Peacemaker strain offered by Swiss Botanic in a 12-gram bag on its online CBD shop. This is a variety of indoor cannabis produced and harvested by passionate growers in Switzerland. As its name suggests, the Peacemaker will make you want to smoke the peace pipe!


You’ll immediately appreciate the well-manicured buds of this indoor CBD. It produces generous layers of very dense, hard-looking heads. Crystals and beautiful orange pistils cover their entire surface. The scent of Peacemaker strain flowers is extremely strong.

Effects of Peacemaker CBD indoor

Every package of cannabis flowers grown by Swiss Botanic incorporates a Boveda moisture-regulating shield. You benefit from maximum aroma and flavor, as well as efficiency when opening your product. Peacemaker joints produce a powerful, stimulating smoke. The effects are generally associated with relaxation, well-being and euphoria. You may also experience a slight drowsiness that promotes sleep, as well as an increased appetite.


This predominantly indica CBD variety seduces with its rich aromatic palette. Smoking Peacemaker’s pretty buds, you’ll perceive a unique and original taste. Overall, you first feel a sweet note with lemon zest. Only then do fruity aromas of nectarine and ripe orange arrive on the palate. So the sweetness is there!

More information

Peacemaker flowers belong to the indica hemp family. Even if the indica vs. sativa debate persists among specialists, certain characteristics differentiate them fundamentally. For the record, the first classification of cannabis dates back to 1750. It was established by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, who gave his name to the Cannabis sativa variety, then produced in Europe. In 1785, French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck identified another species of hemp grown in India, which he named Cannabis indica. These are the two most famous families. There is, however, a third, less well-known variety, Cannabis ruderalis, of Russian origin.

Indica plants are distinguished by their conical shape and broad leaves. In contrast, sativa plants have large, loose branches and narrow leaves. These differences stem from their geographical origins. In terms of heads, indica varieties appear compact and firm, while sativas are rather long, slender and airy.

Our opinion on Peacemaker indoor CBD

Peacemaker is one of the first genetics developed by Swiss Botanic. As popular as ever, this premium indica-dominant CBD is one of the Best Sellers in our online CBD shop. It has also been awarded the “Most Wanted Label”. Peacemaker has a THC content of less than 0.3%, with a CBD content of around 12-15%.

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