Manali cream Hash CBD Premium <0.3% THC

Manali cream Hash CBD Premium <0.3% THC


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  • Taste: pine / slightly peppery
  • Odor: wild myrtle, eucalyptus and clove
  • Weight: 5g
  • Price: €20

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Explore the excellence of Swiss CBD resin and hash in our online store. Enjoy totally legal cannabis products, with THC levels below 0.3%. At Swiss Botanic, we’re delighted to present our latest nugget: Manali Cream Hash CBD, whose exceptional quality is sure to win you over.

What is cannabis resin, sometimes referred to as CBD hash, and what is the manufacturing process?

Cannabis resin, sometimes called CBD hash, is a product derived from CBD hemp. It is made by extracting the trichomes of hemp plants, which contain high levels of CBD and other health-promoting cannabinoids. The process of making cannabis resin generally involves a series of steps, including harvesting the trichomes, pressing them and heating them.

Here’s a summary of the manufacturing process for cannabis resin, also known as CBD hash:

  1. Harvesting trichomes: Trichomes are tiny crystal-like glands found on hemp flowers. They are rich in cannabinoids, including CBD, as well as terpenes, which give cannabis its characteristic aromas and flavors.
  2. Pressing: The harvested trichomes are pressed into a solid, sticky mass. This process releases the essential oils contained in the trichomes and agglomerates them into a more compact form.
  3. Heating: The pressed material is then heated, which can vary in temperature and duration depending on the manufacturing method. Heat helps solidify the substance further.

The cannabis resin or CBD hash resulting from this process is then collected and can be consumed in a variety of ways, including vaporization, inhalation or infusion. It is prized for its relaxing and therapeutic properties, making it popular among CBD enthusiasts.

What is manali cream hash CBD?

Swiss Botanic offers its Manali Cream CBD Hash, an option that shares similarities with Charas, as it is obtained by pressing cannabis flowers to extract a thick resin. This hash is characterized by its dark color and soft texture when fresh, but tends to harden over time. Its aroma and taste are strongly reminiscent of fresh cannabis flowers. Fans of black CBD hash will be seduced by its intensely pronounced fragrance and soft, creamy texture. This type of hash proves particularly attractive to CBD enthusiasts because of its exceptionally high concentration, reaching up to 37% CBD!

What are the effects of Manali Cream CBD?

The effects of “Manali Cream CBD” can vary from person to person depending on several factors, including dose, individual sensitivity, consumption pattern and product quality. However, in general, CBD, which is present in “Manali Cream CBD”, is often associated with several potential effects, including:

  1. Relaxation: CBD is often taken for its potential to promote relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety. It can help calm the mind without producing psychoactive effects.
  2. Pain relief: Some people use CBD to relieve various types of pain, including chronic pain and muscle aches.
  3. Improved sleep: CBD can help improve sleep quality by promoting relaxation and reducing insomnia.
  4. General well-being: Many people use CBD to promote a general sense of well-being and balance in the body.

Swiss Botanic’s Manali Cream hash CBD profile

Swiss Botanic’s Manali Cream Hash CBD is a CBD hash variety with a specific profile in terms of chemical composition, aroma and taste. Here’s a typical profile of Manali Cream Hash CBD:

  1. Chemical composition: Manali Cream Hash CBD is characterized by high levels of cannabidiol (CBD), generally up to 37% or more. On the other hand, its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, is very low, generally less than 0.3%, making it non-psychoactive.
  2. Aromas and taste: This type of CBD hash is appreciated for its aromas and taste, strongly reminiscent of fresh cannabis flowers. Aromatic notes can vary, but are often described as earthy, floral and spicy, with sweet and woody undertones.
  3. Texture: Manali Cream Hash CBD generally has a soft texture when fresh. However, it tends to harden over time due to its oil and resin content.
  4. Effects: As with any CBD-based product, the effects of “Manali Cream Hash CBD” are generally associated with relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction, pain relief and improved sleep, while avoiding psychoactive effects.

Discover the range of CBD resins offered by Swiss Botanic.

Explore our exclusive collection of Hash CBD Premium, featuring THC levels below 0.3%, offering a legal and soothing solution to your needs. Swiss Botanic, a trusted reference in the production and distribution of CBD products, offers you a vast selection of CBD flowers grown indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses, as well as CBD Hash and Pollen.

At Swiss Botanic, we control the entire process of growing our hemp flowers, from cutting to final packaging, guaranteeing unrivalled quality. We offer natural products at competitive prices to meet your Swiss CBD flower needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail and take advantage of our offers by creating your profile on our site. To keep up to date with the latest news, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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