CBD flowers Outdoor Sapphire Scout – <0.3% THC

CBD flowers Outdoor Sapphire Scout – <0.3% THC


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Dominance: Indica
Taste: intense, delicious blueberry flavour with hints of diesel
Odor: Cookie and marzipan
Appearance: medium buds

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At Swiss Botanic, we only grow indoor cannabis strains, but we have chosen to offer you a few premium outdoor strains. The Sapphire Scout comes from a partner producer, selected according to specific criteria that guarantee the “Most Wanted Label” quality guarantee. On our online CBD shop, you’ll find several strains of legal cannabis flowers with different THC and CBD levels.


The CBD variety Sapphire Scout produces succulent, dense buds that incorporate orange pistils. They also contain large quantities of resin. Our partner harvests, dries and cures them with the utmost care. These CBD flowers are grown outdoors in Switzerland. We sell them in pretty 10-gram hermetically sealed bags.

Effects of CBD outdoor Sapphire Scout

The Sapphire Scout CBD strain features a 75% indica and 25% sativa genotype. Like all indica-dominant cannabidiol types, it has a soothing effect. Our customers report a feeling of inner peace, accompanied by a touch of euphoria and lucidity. It’s the ideal cannabis flower to help you relax and work up an appetite! With a CBD content of between 4 and 5% and a THC content of less than 0.3%, it could be used both recreationally and therapeutically. That said, for medical conditions, we recommend that you seek the advice of a physician.


Sapphire Scout CBD has a strong, complex smell and flavour. Sweet notes of fruit, wood and diesel. All sachets sold in our online CBD shop include a Boveda terpene shield. The buds retain their terpenes and all their aromas. You benefit from a quality product that keeps for a long time.

More information

Swiss Botanic sells a wide range of indoor, outdoor and greenhouse CBD varieties. CBD outdoor, like Sapphire Scout, is the oldest and most natural of production techniques. This allows plants to grow thanks to the sun, wind, rain and minerals in the soil. Growing CBD outdoors is less expensive, but requires patience (at least 6 months of growth).

On the other hand, cannabidiol grown indoors offers the possibility of controlling temperature, humidity, CO2, artificial light, PH and nutrients. What’s more, cannabis plants grow without suffering the vagaries of the climate and are protected from pests. This means faster growth.

The third method of growing cannabis is in a greenhouse. CBD greenhouse combines the positive benefits of both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Plants benefit from some of nature’s goodness while remaining protected from the elements and pests.

Our opinion on CBD outdoor Sapphire Scout

At Swiss Botanic, we take great pride in guaranteeing our customers the excellent quality of the end product they can purchase from our online CBD shop. The cannabis flower variety Sapphire Scout has also been awarded the “Most Wanted Label”. It has a very low THC content (less than 0.3%) and a CBD content of <10%. Available in 10-gram sachets. We offer discreet delivery and secure payment methods.

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