CBD flowers indoor Glue Gelato – <0.3% THC

CBD flowers indoor Glue Gelato – <0.3% THC


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  • Dominance: Indica
  • Taste : fruity
  • Fragrance: intense and exotic
  • Appearance: ultra-compact

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In search of sweet happiness? Glue Gelato CBD flowers, carefully grown and packaged by Swiss Botanic, are made for you.

Glue Gelato indoor flowers from Swiss Botanic

It’s this passion for CBD that drives the entire Swiss Botanic team to remain uncompromising about the quality of the cannabis they produce. Indeed, Swiss Botanic is also a certified Swiss producer of legal cannabis, grown indoors and in greenhouses. To provide the “Most Wanted Label” quality to our customers in France.


Swiss Botanic CBD Gelato Glue: meticulousness and patience

Indoor cultivation requires certain precautions to ensure a Glue Gelato CBD harvest worthy of your expectations. During the last three weeks of flowering, cannabis plants are watered with fresh water. This process helps the plant improve its aromas. The Swiss Botanic team prunes the efflorescence and allows it to dry gradually. This is essential before curing.

Like wine or whisky, our CBD Glue Gelato reveals its potency in the patience of curing. Once all the aromas have been released, the flowers are packed in hermetically sealed bovedas to preserve the fragrance so typical of the parent plants, cannabis Sativa and Indica. You’ll feel the strength of Glue Gelato’s buds as soon as you open the pack.

Features of Swiss Botanic Glue Gelato

This indoor cannabis is produced and harvested by passionate growers in Switzerland. We pay the utmost attention to every stage of growth. Gelato buds are characterized by their medium size and dense appearance. Pollen and orange pistils dot the pretty cannabis flowers. This indoor cannabidiol strain comes in a 12-gram sachet. We deliver securely and quickly anywhere in Europe. So you can order your legal CBD from our online CBD store with peace of mind.

The effects of CBD indoor Glue Gelato

CBD indoor Glue Gelato is said by our most loyal customers to offer fairly balanced sensations. In fact, its profile is 35% sativa and 65% indica. The effect is mild and lasts for a few hours. This hybrid CBD strain is said to generally cause drowsiness with a hint of euphoria. It is also accompanied by a feeling of hunger, according to most regular consumers. This premium CBD makes an ideal partner for decompressing in the evening before going to bed.

Swiss Botanic’s Glue Gelato: indoor CBD with multiple benefits

Swiss Botanic’s CBD is meticulously controlled, from the planting greenhouses to the hermeticity of the bovedas that carry the light cannabis flowers. Beyond its taste and fragrance, cannabidiol is a wellness supplement with proven benefits. We recommend Glue Gelato as an anti-stress and relaxation aid at the end of the day. Glue Gelato CBD flowers are also excellent for whetting the appetite. Don’t hesitate to order today from your favourite CBD France shop.

Glue Gelato Swiss Botanic: the assurance of Swiss quality CBD

In France, the law requires THC content to be below 0.3%. Our Glue Gelato CBD flowers are guaranteed to contain only what is legally permitted. That’s why you can eat it without worrying. In addition, we take care to use neither pesticides nor chemical fertilizers in our greenhouse and indoor cultivation. This is what allows us to guarantee a “Most Wanted Label” certified CBD.

Sensory profile of Swiss Botanic’s Glue Gelato CBD

  • Dominance: Sativa 35%, Indica 65
  • Taste : fruity
  • Fragrance: exotic and intense
  • Flowers: compact buds

Special features of Swiss Botanic Gelato Glue

  • Weight: 12 grams
  • CBD <15
  • THC less than 0.3%

Glue Gelato Indoor from Swiss Botanic, quality CBD

Are you looking for premium CBD produced 100% in Switzerland? Go for this light variety with a THC content of less than 0.3%. When you buy from Swiss Botanic’s online CBD shop, you benefit from excellent value for money. Our regular customers have rated it particularly highly, earning it the title of “Most Wanted Label”. These cannabis flowers offer you Swiss quality combined with authentic, intense flavours. You can enjoy your Gelato to relax in the evening. Discover also the properties of our CBD oils.

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